Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Update


Marvel vs Capcom has been a series that’s very dear to my heart… as far as video games go. I remember going to the arcade, putting some quarters in, getting my butt kicked, other kids showing me the ropes and tricks to the game and my favorite part, being able to use Wolverine and Ryu as my main team while playing it.

As far as Capcom fighting games, Marvel vs Capcom is my favorite, other than that, I rather enjoy SoulCalibur and King of Fighters. I was overjoyed to hear the announcement for the game back in December, for two reasons…

  1. It’s Marvel vs Capcom
  2. I’ve been a little disappointed with Street Fighter V in more recent months…

Personally, I don’t find SFV to be a bad game, as I usually play fighting games online most of the time. I just felt like they keep changing the mechanics of the game with each update, so it’s harder for me if I don’t put constant time into the game a whole lot.

But enough about SFV, I’m talking about MvCi today.

On Tuesday, Capcom released a new Story Mode trailer for the game. It looks awesome… and something that we had been promised for Marvel vs Capcom 3

I think that the boss – UltronSigma is pretty cool. Thinking back to MvC1, the final boss was Onslaught, a combination of Charles Xavier and Magneto, not a fusion mind you, but a psionic entity made up of Magneto’s dark ego and Xavier’s supressed urges, but that’s two Marvel characters combined to make up the final boss…

But Ultron and Sigma are two beings from their universes that have the same dark wish, to wipe out humanity and create a world they can rule on their own.

That’s just the story mode. There’s been some gameplay footage running around online too.

I, personally, don’t like the art direction of the game, but the gameplay looks pretty fun. The stages look pretty cool, but I hope that we can see some fun stuff going on in the backgrounds of future stages. I’m a little mixed on the user interface (UI) though… I feel like it’s better than SFVs UI, but it could use some more sprucing up. I feel like the font is a little boring. I think that the character names and health bars are good, they don’t get too crazy and the flashing depending on HP is a great touch, but other stuff, like the KO and things that tells you what Infinity Stone is being used could use more of a comic effect, granted, I know this is based off of the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU), but still, Marvel is a Comic company, represent that!

Anyways, that’s enough ranting for now, and for those who are wondering about the Shin Megami Tensei part 2? It’s on hold for the time being, I’m still doing research for the upcoming sections of that.

Peace Out,



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