Project Rap Rabbit


For a while, we gamers where teased with a little image found on the internet showing a possible collaboration that dreams are made of… NanaOn-Sha, the makers of PaRappa the Rapper and iNiS-J, the makers of Gitaroo Man and Elite Beat Agents.

It left me wondering what Project Rap Rabbit could be?

From what the Kickstarter had revealed, it looks to be like PaRappa the Rapper and Elite Beat Agents had a child who liked to watch Epic Rap Battles of History. The concepts show the idea of having a back and forth rap battle with your opponent. It also has an added feature of emotions, like the wheel dialog features of Fallout 4, so not only can you just rap back and forth, but you can dis them as well!


Pretty neat…

Kickstarter projects usually have some problems though. My big problem for this is that there’s only concept images for the trailer. While I can vision what the game will look like in my head, it’s just my own vision of what I think it’ll look and play like.

I know most gamers have a problem with the 1.1 Million dollar goal, I feel like that’s realistic. Video games are expensive, AAA-style titles are going to be a pretty penny as well, especially if you want it to look and play great! It kinda reminds me of when Skullgirls creators, Lab Zero, wanted more money to make the extra characters and gamers where shocked about the price Lab Zero was asking for. If you want things done right, you have to have the resources, that includes the funds the pay the people who are going to be working on it… You don’t want a crappy looking game because you under-paid your employees…

Anyways, I’ll have more on this title as it develops!

If you want to support it, check it out here! It would be a shame to let this game go unrealized.

Peace Out!



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