Fire Emblem Echoes

So, my pre-order of the new Fire Emblem game came in last weekend and I had finally gotten around to playing it after I beat Injustice 2’s story mode.

Fire Emblem is one of my favorite Strategy-RPGs (SRPG) landing it slightly before Disgaea, and I do mean slightly… Disgaea’s zaniness is one of the things that keeps it close to the top for me.

WVW69kV_AQEtqsPhEfEchoes, for me is really enjoyable so far. The map reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics and the game has a bit of dungeon exploration, which is really cool! I’ve only played it for a few hours, but the changes they’ve made since Fates are really good. I might actually find the original version of this game and play it so I can compare it to this version of it, for those who don’t know, FE:Echoes was originally Fire Emblem Gaiden and only released in Japan back in 92.

WVW69kWDMSgtGl_tDMThough this game takes out some things that I’ve grown to enjoy in the recent Fire Emblem games, like Marriage and the Weapon Triangle, I’ve been really enjoying being able to explore dungeons. The battles in the dungeons aren’t that bad either! Class changes in this game as well are also really flexible, it’s been rather nice not having characters that are already set down a path for me… Well Alm is already a fighter, but that’s okay.

The game also has the controversial Casual Mode, where your units are returned to you by the end of the battle. Personally, I feel like that’s a great mode. Fire Emblem can be stressful having to always worry about your units dying and that’s been a feature that I’ve enjoyed in the series since I’ve played it. I also know that most of my friends who play it with the permadeath will reset their game, and I personally feels like that’s cheating, but that’s a rant for another time… If you get the game, don’t feel ashamed of playing with the casual mode on, this is a game so enjoy it how you want.

In fact, challenge yourself, if you feel like playing with the casual mode on but it doesn’t feel right playing the game, crank up the difficulty to Hard and do a run like that.

Anyways, I need to continue though this game!


Peace Out!



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