Retro Review: Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (Disney Afternoon Collection)


I’ve always been a real big Capcom fan! Since I was a little kid most of my game collection will consist of Capcom Games. You have to give it to them, even now days they still have a decent track record.

When I was younger, I had a few of the Disney Afternoon games, Like DuckTales, Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop on my SNES. I had the old Nintendo Power guides where it would show you the level layouts for several games, anyone else remember those? I barely do…

Anywho… I didn’t have the chance to play too many of the other games due to the SNES and the Playstation coming out and as a tiny gamer back then, I wanted to play Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario World. Bless the gaming gods that Disney went to licensing their games instead of making them because Capcom was recently able to republish their old Disney games through “The Disney Afternoon Collection”… It’s missing Goof Troop though, and I don’t think there’s enough Disney Afternoon based games to make a Vol.2 either.

Enough ranting though,

The Disney Afternoon Collection_20170604000638

I used the Afternoon Collection to play through Chip N Dale Recuse Rangers. I really enjoyed it. It was a simple platforming game where you have to rescue Gadget from Fat Cat and stop his evil plans to make her invent things for him, very thin plot but, whatever…

The first thing that I’ve noticed is that is that there’s no back scrolling… common in older NES games back then… At least there’s no hidden ending or anything like this… The premise of the game is you move about the stage trying to make it to the boss, each room different room serves as a check point so, when you die, you start back at the beginning of the most current room, unless you get a Game Over, then you start the whole stage over again, which can be a bit annoying if you make it to the final stage… because boy, that’s where the stage difficulty jumps. They start throwing enemies at you that you haven’t seen until now and honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming.

The Bosses aren’t anything too difficult which can be expected because it’s a kids game, but that’s just a little disappointing because bosses are usually something that you look forward to whooping at the end of the stage.


Go on, just sit there and throw coins…

You don’t have to play through all of the stages to get to the end, which is something that I enjoy in games. Gadget also tells you about stuff in the upcoming levels, like make sure to turn off the faucets in zone B or things like that. The level design is pretty straight forward as well. You can tell what each level is, but if it was in the TV show, I don’t know, but as a kid, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t care!

The music’s kinda rides this line between rockin’ and forgettable… it’s a little weird… You know, it’s kinda like Mega Man, but at the same time, I’m not humming the tunes afterwards…

The one thing that’s a lot of fun is the gameplay. like I mentioned earlier it’s a platformer with no back scrolling, but you kill enemies by throwing boxes and other strange objects at them, it’s quite funny watching Chip and Dale travel through the stages hurling what ever’s around at mice, eagles and bees.  Even though it’s really easy it has a nice arcade like feel. Honestly, I’d go back and play it again later, maybe try the two player mode this time.

The Disney Afternoon Collection_20170605154037

Fatcat… just sitting there…

Jojo’s Score 

  • Graphics: 4/5
  • Gameplay: 3/5
  • Replayabity: 4/5
  • Music: 3/5

Total 14 out of 20


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