Dragon Ball Fighters Z


The E3 presentations of this year where a little underwhelming, that’s to be expected because everything is coming out next year or the company only had a cinematic trailer to show, no one likes that, why would you do that? At least bring a little gameplay footage with you!


Well, Nintendo’s announcements where pretty good (new Metroid games! Yes!), but I’m not here to talk about Nintendo. I’m here to talk about the new game that was revealed, Dragon Ball Fighters Z. It’s being made by Arc System Works, the guys behind DBZ Extreme Butoden, Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear, and speaking of Guilty Gear, Fighters Z is adopting the look of the Guilty Gear Xrd with the 3v3 stylings of Marvel vs Capcom, Happy Birthdays and all!

Happy Birthday is a term used in fighting games that use 2v2 or 3v3 with assists like Marvel vs Capcom, what you do is you get a combo of some sorts that is attacking the current opponent along side one of their back up characters.

The characters seem to play well on their own and the game is suppose to be an easy entry in the fighting game genre. It has Auto-Combos that’ll go to a wall bounce and then an aerial launch, I don’t know if the move continues after that. I’ve started to really like the inclusion of Auto-Combos to fighting games, if done right like in Persona 4 Arena, they can be helpful or if you’re just mashing, they can be pretty detrimental, like burning your special meter or dealing less damage than manually putting it in yourself. One thing that I really love about this is the 2.5D Cel shading really makes it look like the anime. Which is something most games miss. The only game that came close to capturing the look was Super Dragon Ball Z (another traditonal-style DBZ fighting game) and that one looked like the manga, visual sound effects and all.

Anyways, the game comes out early 2018, so I can’t wait for it!

Peace Out,



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