Sonic Mania


It’s been a few days since Sonic Forces launched and it seems to be suffering from the problems that usually befall 3-D Sonic game… Bland level design, trying too hard to focus on new gimmicks and making Sonic the fastest guy… I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, but as a fan, I will.

Earlier in the year we had a wonderful game released, you might have heard of it, it’s called Sonic Mania. A group of fans where able to make a really well celebrated Sonic game and I feel like it’s something that Sonic Team could take a few pointers from, because honestly, they some how fucked up Sonic 4 and that’s a 2-D title as well. Well… Sonic 4 isn’t really bad as much as it is bland…

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Updates to the blog

So, I haven’t had the time to post this until recently, but I’m changing up how the blog is going to be ran.

There’s still going to be reviews of video games in the traditional sense, but also now I am going to work on a comic-style review for the ones that I work on. We will still produce regular reviews.

Character history is another thing that I’m working on. I’ll be taking an in depth look at fan favorite characters, their creation and how they have changed over the years. Video reviews is something that will come by the end of the year…

I’ll keep you updated, I just wanted to let you know that this isn’t a dead project!

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

You know what the problem is really enjoying a game that you’re going to write about? You’re going to forget about making time to write the article for the game…

I’ve really spent a lot of time playing and streaming this game on Twitch, that’s because  really love the Crash Bandicoot series, I really love platformers in general, but Crash holds a special place in my heart. A critic compared the new Crash game to Dark Souls… Personally I find that rather lazy, and untrue. Just because a game can get a little difficult doesn’t mean that it’s instantly comparable to Dark Souls, Dark Souls isn’t that difficult in the first place… compare it to at least Ghost N Goblins, beause of it’s wonky jump mechanics.

The jump mechanics/pshysics in this game are more than likely to kill you in this game. People have shown that you land a little sooner than the original, but it’s only by milliseconds. What I think can kill you is the ledges and objects that you can bounce off of. DingDongVG on Twitter made a video showing how jumping and bouncing can push you off one way or another

Vicarious Visions (VV) also had to rebuild the games from the ground up pretty much, so their engine could have something to do with it, but still, that’s not enough to make me get upset about the game, for the fact that VV had carefully and beautifully recreated the games that I once played as a child is the reason that I haven’t been able to put it down, wonkiness and all. Overall what VV did for the game is great! Personally, I’m pretty impressed that they were able to recreate with the limited resources from the originals. That’s to be expected from them though, when VV worked on Crash Nitro Kart they really made the game feel like Crash Team Racing.

The game lets you start off by choosing the game you want, like any decent collection should, so I started with the first game, that’s the only one that I haven’t had the chance to own when I first got the Playstation. Boy, the difference is like playing Mega Man 1 and then playing 3. You don’t realize how much the sliding mechanic in Crash 2 makes a difference in how I played the games. Crash 1 also has this pretty cool Donkey Kong Country vibe to it with the World Map and the music.

Crash 2

The N.Sane Trilogy gives each gme it’s own set of Trophies, which for trophy hunters and completionist is a fantastic thing! Also the games give you the option to play as Coco, Crash’s kid sister. While she doesn’t have a different moveset than her older brother, it’s fun to play through most of the stages as someone else. Coco cannot play boss stages nor levels that require Crash to pilot something, like Hogs, motorcycles or airplanes. You can get a few trophies from playing as Coco though, so there’s that. She even has her own little victory dance as well!

Coco victory

Overall the game is fantastic! I’ve been loving every minute of the game so far! If you love 3D platforming with a  challenge, love games with cartoony animals or feels like you’re playing a Looney Toons cartoon or just have a strong feeling of old Playstation one era games, this could be something right up your alley.

Dragon Ball Fighters Z


The E3 presentations of this year where a little underwhelming, that’s to be expected because everything is coming out next year or the company only had a cinematic trailer to show, no one likes that, why would you do that? At least bring a little gameplay footage with you!


Well, Nintendo’s announcements where pretty good (new Metroid games! Yes!), but I’m not here to talk about Nintendo. I’m here to talk about the new game that was revealed, Dragon Ball Fighters Z. It’s being made by Arc System Works, the guys behind DBZ Extreme Butoden, Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear, and speaking of Guilty Gear, Fighters Z is adopting the look of the Guilty Gear Xrd with the 3v3 stylings of Marvel vs Capcom, Happy Birthdays and all!

Happy Birthday is a term used in fighting games that use 2v2 or 3v3 with assists like Marvel vs Capcom, what you do is you get a combo of some sorts that is attacking the current opponent along side one of their back up characters.

The characters seem to play well on their own and the game is suppose to be an easy entry in the fighting game genre. It has Auto-Combos that’ll go to a wall bounce and then an aerial launch, I don’t know if the move continues after that. I’ve started to really like the inclusion of Auto-Combos to fighting games, if done right like in Persona 4 Arena, they can be helpful or if you’re just mashing, they can be pretty detrimental, like burning your special meter or dealing less damage than manually putting it in yourself. One thing that I really love about this is the 2.5D Cel shading really makes it look like the anime. Which is something most games miss. The only game that came close to capturing the look was Super Dragon Ball Z (another traditonal-style DBZ fighting game) and that one looked like the manga, visual sound effects and all.

Anyways, the game comes out early 2018, so I can’t wait for it!

Peace Out,


Retro Review: Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (Disney Afternoon Collection)


I’ve always been a real big Capcom fan! Since I was a little kid most of my game collection will consist of Capcom Games. You have to give it to them, even now days they still have a decent track record.

When I was younger, I had a few of the Disney Afternoon games, Like DuckTales, Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop on my SNES. I had the old Nintendo Power guides where it would show you the level layouts for several games, anyone else remember those? I barely do…

Anywho… I didn’t have the chance to play too many of the other games due to the SNES and the Playstation coming out and as a tiny gamer back then, I wanted to play Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario World. Bless the gaming gods that Disney went to licensing their games instead of making them because Capcom was recently able to republish their old Disney games through “The Disney Afternoon Collection”… It’s missing Goof Troop though, and I don’t think there’s enough Disney Afternoon based games to make a Vol.2 either.

Enough ranting though,

The Disney Afternoon Collection_20170604000638

I used the Afternoon Collection to play through Chip N Dale Recuse Rangers. I really enjoyed it. It was a simple platforming game where you have to rescue Gadget from Fat Cat and stop his evil plans to make her invent things for him, very thin plot but, whatever…

The first thing that I’ve noticed is that is that there’s no back scrolling… common in older NES games back then… At least there’s no hidden ending or anything like this… The premise of the game is you move about the stage trying to make it to the boss, each room different room serves as a check point so, when you die, you start back at the beginning of the most current room, unless you get a Game Over, then you start the whole stage over again, which can be a bit annoying if you make it to the final stage… because boy, that’s where the stage difficulty jumps. They start throwing enemies at you that you haven’t seen until now and honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming.

The Bosses aren’t anything too difficult which can be expected because it’s a kids game, but that’s just a little disappointing because bosses are usually something that you look forward to whooping at the end of the stage.


Go on, just sit there and throw coins…

You don’t have to play through all of the stages to get to the end, which is something that I enjoy in games. Gadget also tells you about stuff in the upcoming levels, like make sure to turn off the faucets in zone B or things like that. The level design is pretty straight forward as well. You can tell what each level is, but if it was in the TV show, I don’t know, but as a kid, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t care!

The music’s kinda rides this line between rockin’ and forgettable… it’s a little weird… You know, it’s kinda like Mega Man, but at the same time, I’m not humming the tunes afterwards…

The one thing that’s a lot of fun is the gameplay. like I mentioned earlier it’s a platformer with no back scrolling, but you kill enemies by throwing boxes and other strange objects at them, it’s quite funny watching Chip and Dale travel through the stages hurling what ever’s around at mice, eagles and bees.  Even though it’s really easy it has a nice arcade like feel. Honestly, I’d go back and play it again later, maybe try the two player mode this time.

The Disney Afternoon Collection_20170605154037

Fatcat… just sitting there…

Jojo’s Score 

  • Graphics: 4/5
  • Gameplay: 3/5
  • Replayabity: 4/5
  • Music: 3/5

Total 14 out of 20

Overwatch Anniversary


So, this May marks the one year anniversary of Overwatch, and I’ve been playing it a lot more recently! It helps that after campaigning for a while I now have someone to play the game with! Anyways, this is a short and sweet post. I just made a highlight reel out of clips from the Anniversary event thus far.



Introducing Spiky Donut Gaming!

This is just a brief update

After running this blog solo for a while, I’ve started to enlist the help of some other Game Enthusiast to help me upkeep the blog and since I’m the only one so far who has dreadlocks I changed the name to Spiky Donut Gaming!

We’ll still bring you the same kind of content, but now with others with me it’ll give some fresh life to the blog as well!

I hope you will continue to enjoy our content!

Fire Emblem Echoes

So, my pre-order of the new Fire Emblem game came in last weekend and I had finally gotten around to playing it after I beat Injustice 2’s story mode.

Fire Emblem is one of my favorite Strategy-RPGs (SRPG) landing it slightly before Disgaea, and I do mean slightly… Disgaea’s zaniness is one of the things that keeps it close to the top for me.

WVW69kV_AQEtqsPhEfEchoes, for me is really enjoyable so far. The map reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics and the game has a bit of dungeon exploration, which is really cool! I’ve only played it for a few hours, but the changes they’ve made since Fates are really good. I might actually find the original version of this game and play it so I can compare it to this version of it, for those who don’t know, FE:Echoes was originally Fire Emblem Gaiden and only released in Japan back in 92.

WVW69kWDMSgtGl_tDMThough this game takes out some things that I’ve grown to enjoy in the recent Fire Emblem games, like Marriage and the Weapon Triangle, I’ve been really enjoying being able to explore dungeons. The battles in the dungeons aren’t that bad either! Class changes in this game as well are also really flexible, it’s been rather nice not having characters that are already set down a path for me… Well Alm is already a fighter, but that’s okay.

The game also has the controversial Casual Mode, where your units are returned to you by the end of the battle. Personally, I feel like that’s a great mode. Fire Emblem can be stressful having to always worry about your units dying and that’s been a feature that I’ve enjoyed in the series since I’ve played it. I also know that most of my friends who play it with the permadeath will reset their game, and I personally feels like that’s cheating, but that’s a rant for another time… If you get the game, don’t feel ashamed of playing with the casual mode on, this is a game so enjoy it how you want.

In fact, challenge yourself, if you feel like playing with the casual mode on but it doesn’t feel right playing the game, crank up the difficulty to Hard and do a run like that.

Anyways, I need to continue though this game!


Peace Out!


Project Rap Rabbit


For a while, we gamers where teased with a little image found on the internet showing a possible collaboration that dreams are made of… NanaOn-Sha, the makers of PaRappa the Rapper and iNiS-J, the makers of Gitaroo Man and Elite Beat Agents.

It left me wondering what Project Rap Rabbit could be?

From what the Kickstarter had revealed, it looks to be like PaRappa the Rapper and Elite Beat Agents had a child who liked to watch Epic Rap Battles of History. The concepts show the idea of having a back and forth rap battle with your opponent. It also has an added feature of emotions, like the wheel dialog features of Fallout 4, so not only can you just rap back and forth, but you can dis them as well!


Pretty neat…

Kickstarter projects usually have some problems though. My big problem for this is that there’s only concept images for the trailer. While I can vision what the game will look like in my head, it’s just my own vision of what I think it’ll look and play like.

I know most gamers have a problem with the 1.1 Million dollar goal, I feel like that’s realistic. Video games are expensive, AAA-style titles are going to be a pretty penny as well, especially if you want it to look and play great! It kinda reminds me of when Skullgirls creators, Lab Zero, wanted more money to make the extra characters and gamers where shocked about the price Lab Zero was asking for. If you want things done right, you have to have the resources, that includes the funds the pay the people who are going to be working on it… You don’t want a crappy looking game because you under-paid your employees…

Anyways, I’ll have more on this title as it develops!

If you want to support it, check it out here! It would be a shame to let this game go unrealized.

Peace Out!


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Update


Marvel vs Capcom has been a series that’s very dear to my heart… as far as video games go. I remember going to the arcade, putting some quarters in, getting my butt kicked, other kids showing me the ropes and tricks to the game and my favorite part, being able to use Wolverine and Ryu as my main team while playing it.

As far as Capcom fighting games, Marvel vs Capcom is my favorite, other than that, I rather enjoy SoulCalibur and King of Fighters. I was overjoyed to hear the announcement for the game back in December, for two reasons…

  1. It’s Marvel vs Capcom
  2. I’ve been a little disappointed with Street Fighter V in more recent months…

Personally, I don’t find SFV to be a bad game, as I usually play fighting games online most of the time. I just felt like they keep changing the mechanics of the game with each update, so it’s harder for me if I don’t put constant time into the game a whole lot.

But enough about SFV, I’m talking about MvCi today.

On Tuesday, Capcom released a new Story Mode trailer for the game. It looks awesome… and something that we had been promised for Marvel vs Capcom 3

I think that the boss – UltronSigma is pretty cool. Thinking back to MvC1, the final boss was Onslaught, a combination of Charles Xavier and Magneto, not a fusion mind you, but a psionic entity made up of Magneto’s dark ego and Xavier’s supressed urges, but that’s two Marvel characters combined to make up the final boss…

But Ultron and Sigma are two beings from their universes that have the same dark wish, to wipe out humanity and create a world they can rule on their own.

That’s just the story mode. There’s been some gameplay footage running around online too.

I, personally, don’t like the art direction of the game, but the gameplay looks pretty fun. The stages look pretty cool, but I hope that we can see some fun stuff going on in the backgrounds of future stages. I’m a little mixed on the user interface (UI) though… I feel like it’s better than SFVs UI, but it could use some more sprucing up. I feel like the font is a little boring. I think that the character names and health bars are good, they don’t get too crazy and the flashing depending on HP is a great touch, but other stuff, like the KO and things that tells you what Infinity Stone is being used could use more of a comic effect, granted, I know this is based off of the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU), but still, Marvel is a Comic company, represent that!

Anyways, that’s enough ranting for now, and for those who are wondering about the Shin Megami Tensei part 2? It’s on hold for the time being, I’m still doing research for the upcoming sections of that.

Peace Out,