Fire Emblem Echoes

So, my pre-order of the new Fire Emblem game came in last weekend and I had finally gotten around to playing it after I beat Injustice 2’s story mode.

Fire Emblem is one of my favorite Strategy-RPGs (SRPG) landing it slightly before Disgaea, and I do mean slightly… Disgaea’s zaniness is one of the things that keeps it close to the top for me.

WVW69kV_AQEtqsPhEfEchoes, for me is really enjoyable so far. The map reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics and the game has a bit of dungeon exploration, which is really cool! I’ve only played it for a few hours, but the changes they’ve made since Fates are really good. I might actually find the original version of this game and play it so I can compare it to this version of it, for those who don’t know, FE:Echoes was originally Fire Emblem Gaiden and only released in Japan back in 92.

WVW69kWDMSgtGl_tDMThough this game takes out some things that I’ve grown to enjoy in the recent Fire Emblem games, like Marriage and the Weapon Triangle, I’ve been really enjoying being able to explore dungeons. The battles in the dungeons aren’t that bad either! Class changes in this game as well are also really flexible, it’s been rather nice not having characters that are already set down a path for me… Well Alm is already a fighter, but that’s okay.

The game also has the controversial Casual Mode, where your units are returned to you by the end of the battle. Personally, I feel like that’s a great mode. Fire Emblem can be stressful having to always worry about your units dying and that’s been a feature that I’ve enjoyed in the series since I’ve played it. I also know that most of my friends who play it with the permadeath will reset their game, and I personally feels like that’s cheating, but that’s a rant for another time… If you get the game, don’t feel ashamed of playing with the casual mode on, this is a game so enjoy it how you want.

In fact, challenge yourself, if you feel like playing with the casual mode on but it doesn’t feel right playing the game, crank up the difficulty to Hard and do a run like that.

Anyways, I need to continue though this game!


Peace Out!



Project Rap Rabbit


For a while, we gamers where teased with a little image found on the internet showing a possible collaboration that dreams are made of… NanaOn-Sha, the makers of PaRappa the Rapper and iNiS-J, the makers of Gitaroo Man and Elite Beat Agents.

It left me wondering what Project Rap Rabbit could be?

From what the Kickstarter had revealed, it looks to be like PaRappa the Rapper and Elite Beat Agents had a child who liked to watch Epic Rap Battles of History. The concepts show the idea of having a back and forth rap battle with your opponent. It also has an added feature of emotions, like the wheel dialog features of Fallout 4, so not only can you just rap back and forth, but you can dis them as well!


Pretty neat…

Kickstarter projects usually have some problems though. My big problem for this is that there’s only concept images for the trailer. While I can vision what the game will look like in my head, it’s just my own vision of what I think it’ll look and play like.

I know most gamers have a problem with the 1.1 Million dollar goal, I feel like that’s realistic. Video games are expensive, AAA-style titles are going to be a pretty penny as well, especially if you want it to look and play great! It kinda reminds me of when Skullgirls creators, Lab Zero, wanted more money to make the extra characters and gamers where shocked about the price Lab Zero was asking for. If you want things done right, you have to have the resources, that includes the funds the pay the people who are going to be working on it… You don’t want a crappy looking game because you under-paid your employees…

Anyways, I’ll have more on this title as it develops!

If you want to support it, check it out here! It would be a shame to let this game go unrealized.

Peace Out!


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Update


Marvel vs Capcom has been a series that’s very dear to my heart… as far as video games go. I remember going to the arcade, putting some quarters in, getting my butt kicked, other kids showing me the ropes and tricks to the game and my favorite part, being able to use Wolverine and Ryu as my main team while playing it.

As far as Capcom fighting games, Marvel vs Capcom is my favorite, other than that, I rather enjoy SoulCalibur and King of Fighters. I was overjoyed to hear the announcement for the game back in December, for two reasons…

  1. It’s Marvel vs Capcom
  2. I’ve been a little disappointed with Street Fighter V in more recent months…

Personally, I don’t find SFV to be a bad game, as I usually play fighting games online most of the time. I just felt like they keep changing the mechanics of the game with each update, so it’s harder for me if I don’t put constant time into the game a whole lot.

But enough about SFV, I’m talking about MvCi today.

On Tuesday, Capcom released a new Story Mode trailer for the game. It looks awesome… and something that we had been promised for Marvel vs Capcom 3

I think that the boss – UltronSigma is pretty cool. Thinking back to MvC1, the final boss was Onslaught, a combination of Charles Xavier and Magneto, not a fusion mind you, but a psionic entity made up of Magneto’s dark ego and Xavier’s supressed urges, but that’s two Marvel characters combined to make up the final boss…

But Ultron and Sigma are two beings from their universes that have the same dark wish, to wipe out humanity and create a world they can rule on their own.

That’s just the story mode. There’s been some gameplay footage running around online too.

I, personally, don’t like the art direction of the game, but the gameplay looks pretty fun. The stages look pretty cool, but I hope that we can see some fun stuff going on in the backgrounds of future stages. I’m a little mixed on the user interface (UI) though… I feel like it’s better than SFVs UI, but it could use some more sprucing up. I feel like the font is a little boring. I think that the character names and health bars are good, they don’t get too crazy and the flashing depending on HP is a great touch, but other stuff, like the KO and things that tells you what Infinity Stone is being used could use more of a comic effect, granted, I know this is based off of the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU), but still, Marvel is a Comic company, represent that!

Anyways, that’s enough ranting for now, and for those who are wondering about the Shin Megami Tensei part 2? It’s on hold for the time being, I’m still doing research for the upcoming sections of that.

Peace Out,


Shin Megami Tensei: Part 1


My History with Shin Megami Tensei:

Shin Megami Tensei was a JRPG that I’ve never heard of until I had a PS2. I picked up Digital Devil Saga, and I had a real fun time with that game! I beat it and tried to get the sequel, DDS2… Well, it wasn’t in the budget for a younger Lyon… It was one of those


Digital Devil Saga 2 a.k.a Avatar Tuner 2

really hard to get a hold of titles and was only found used… yay!  At the time it was 80 – 90 bucks at GameStop… And the few copies they had didn’t have the original covers for the game, so a friend at a now defunct game store called “Game Crazy” suggested Persona 3 to me.

I really enjoyed the game a lot, I really enjoy games with a modern background, cyberpunk or apocalyptic backgrounds as well. So… Why haven’t I heard of the series until then? Well… That can be answered in two parts…

  1. Most of the games came out on the Nintendo consoles… religon was a No-No for Nintendo of America 
  2. I play mostly action and platform games

Hell, I didn’t hear of Suikoden until I got a PSP in 2009, my then girlfriend/now wife mentioned the game and I really enjoyed it.


Persona 3 was the key to unlocking my inner SMT fanboy. It was part Social simulator and part Dungeon Crawler. The way that the characters used demons in this was awesome because they worked a lot like Stands in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and around that time Viz was releasing the Stardust Crusaders arc of JJBA, another series that I really love.maxresdefault

I started on a quest to find the other SMT games that where being released at the time, because P3 spiked an interest that caused anything with Shin Megami Tensei on it to jump in price. I ended up with the Devil Summoner Duology, which was really fun, but it changed the normal SMT battle formula up, not in a bad way though. It had a pretty nice action based combat which was right up my ally.

By the time Persona 4 was released my PS2 wasn’t reading discs properly. Sadly, my mini PS2 was burnt out playing some of the best RPGs I had ever played on the system. I could no longer play my SMT games on my PS2, but it didn’t end there, I still had my DS and PSP at the time, so I was able to play Strange Journey and Persona 2 Innocent Sin at the 500x_strangejourneytime. It was at this point that I got interested in game engines and how game production went, playing Strange Journey, I noticed that the SMT series has been using a similar battle engine, the “Turn Press” system. It was a system used in SMT III, but with each game franchise there was always little differences set to certain games, like the All-Out Attack in Persona or the Smirk buff in SMTIV. I had always thought that was pretty awesome and a fantastic way to let players of certain series jump into another game without having to re-learn the whole system again…

Next week, I’m going to go further into the details of my personal favorite franchise Persona and where it came from.

Peace Out,


Power Rangers Mega Battle


Power Rangers…

Back in the 90s, Power Rangers was my introduction to the Sentai series of super heroes! And when I was a wee-lad, I really enjoyed super hero stories. You had X-Men, Spider-Man, TMNT (though I consider that more of an 80s thing rather than 90s) and the wonderful Batman: The Animated Series! Among those titans came a strange live action series called Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

It was cool, because unlike some of the anime that I use to watch like Voltron, Gatchaman and Robotech, it trimmed and cut footage from a live-action series from Japan known as Kyoryu Seantai Zyurangers. It was a good place to start too, because it had a dinosaur theme! That was pretty bitchin’ at the time too.

And with that popularity came video games along with it… But I’m not here to talk about one of the older games that I played as a kid… no, I’m going to talk about a recent game that came out. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Mega Battle!

Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle_20170323232356

Old Logo, New comic book style artwork!

This game came out back in January, and I picked it up due to me being excited for the new Rangers movie. I had been reading the new comic, I liked how the game looked AND… I really like Beat ’em Ups

I’m use to being disappointed in licensed video games, it’s just something that comes with the territory of the beast… And… I was right. The game though overall, wasn’t bad, it was just really boring playing by yourself.

I can hear you now… “Oh, but Beat ’em Ups are meant to be played with other people, that’s why it wasn’t as fun, silly-billy!

Well, you aren’t wrong, this genre of game is best enjoyed with others, but there are other beat ’em ups are rather enjoyable by your little lonesome. Take a game like Streets of Rage 2 and Dragon’s Crown. This game was just… meh… It wasn’t really horrible, but there’s nothing there to make it stand out…


It has a level up/skill tree system which is cool in theory, it just takes forever to even gain a level to get the skill points to gather skills. On the other hand, you do get a fair amount of points to drop on stuff… so there’s that…

Combat can be a little bland until you get some new skills, so be prepared to just mash the square button for a good while…

SHAREfactory™_20170323233924_Overall, this game is a bore-fest and three quarters by yourself.

On the other hand, with other players, it’s pretty fun! I had a few friends over to help me beat the game and we had a blast just playing though the game.

The Megazord battles at first bugged me when I was playing by myself, because they where in a QTE (Quick Time Event) style. QTEs are normally pretty boring if done incorrectly. With the rockin’ theme song and picking up the slack for your buddies when they fall short makes you feel like a team working together! Though… one has to think, why didn’t they include an online feature of the game? Not everyone has friends to hang out at their house to play the game, or you might not have more than one controller to play with a friend for that matter…

The cool feature of this game is that you can play as the White Ranger or the other rangers from season two! If you aren’t fond of Jason, play as Rocky… though I don’t know why you would do something like that… He wasn’t that great of a Red Ranger…

With the gameplay boring and if you don’t have anyone to play it with, I find it hard to recommend anyone who isn’t a HUGE Power Rangers fan… I mainly say that because the levels are based on old MMPR episodes, and that kind of stuff is always fun to check out!

I give this game a:

QTE Megazord Battle out of 10

I’m really hoping the movie is better…

Peace Out, Lyon…




Nier: Automata


I love action games, Devil May Cry, God of War, Bayonetta. They’re pretty stylish, making all your movements feel just freaking awesome! Over a week ago, I picked up the new Nier game , and overall, it’s pretty sweet! The game was made with the help of Platinum Games. Platinum Games was originally Clover Studios over at Capcom back in 2004. They made games like Viewtiful Joe, God Hand and Okami… Some of the staff worked on the first Monster Hunter game and DMC(Devil May Cry) 1&3. Overall, they have a pretty good track record despite some hiccups.

Nier: Automata is about an android group called YoRHa fighting off a machine invasion of Earth so that humanity can return to the planet. The first mission really hits it off really great! My only issue is the open-world style of gameplay, but this is more of a minor quip, not enough to make me stop playing the game in general… Though I can’t help but to see way too many Open World games as of late… It’s getting kinda stale like the FPS (First-Person Shooter) rush of the mid 2000s or the Fighting game rush of the 90s…

Anyways, by the time you are getting through the first level, you have to fight a giant robot, pretty sick, right? Your Jarvis-like podbot then disables the bosses arm and you take it by your flying mecha suit and proceed to beat the giant robot with his own arm!


Stop Hitting yourself!

This kinda reminds me of Bayonetta 2, where it seemed like everything gets crazier with ever progressing moment. Well, since it does have an open world feature to it, it slows down a little, but, every big story line part of the game just FEELS SO GOOD! In fact, it’s the best thing about this game is that you’ll more than likely find something in this game that you’ll just enjoy so much! I feel like this has been something that most games lack now days… It gives me that sense of awe that I haven’t felt in a long time!


Even in the middle of traversing the wastelands of the old human dwellings you can always brush up on your combos, finish that weird side quest, or level up by kicking a tin can, Mega Man Legends style…

The game has a neat Dark Souls style feature where if you die all your stuff is on your last body. You’ll have to trek back and gather up everything before dying again. If you do fall before you can get to it, it’ll be lost. Which can be a bummer, but if you can figure out what went wrong last time you should have no problem getting your stuff back.


You’ll see a lot of this too…

On the flip side, you’ll see other players bodies in the world as well if you’re connected to the network. You can pray for them, which in their game will give them back some health, and you could pick to gather some items from your fallen comrade, which doesn’t affect their inventory, or you can make them into a temporary ally. Both options are pretty helpful.

I’m in no way done with this game just yet, I just really wanted to gush about it for a bit. This game deserves a full review when I do finish it though.

Peace Out



So, if you know me, you know that I love action games, in particularly, fighting games. There’s been one game that I’ve been enjoying recently… even though I’ve had it for quite some time… is Skullgirls!

It’s an indie fighting game by Lab Zero Games. It pretty much took off, it was in Japanese arcades with Japanese voice acting, it’s getting a physical release, it even had a spot in EVO one year… I don’t think that it was on the main stage though, could be wrong.

Anyway, the game is pretty great and like I was saying earlier, I had only really started to get into this game due to fact that the game has some online play and there’s still playing… Also, in 2012, I didn’t have too many people to play with.

Skullgirls is this lovely mash of Capcom vs SNK and Guilty Gear/BlazBlue. It has such a nice feel to the game, and since there is only a few characters to it, just about all of them feel different. The latter being a gripe I have with fighting games with a load of characters, too many similar or boring characters…

I hope to really get better at the game, it makes me sad that I missed it in it’s original hype. It has things that I really like:

  • Beautifully animated characters
  • Tag-team style battling (which power balances too)
  • Some pretty cool lore
  • A small roster of unique characters

I really hope that sometime after Lab Zero’s new game, Indivisible, they come back and make a real Skullgirls 2. I wonder what kind of changes they would make! Oh well, I guy can hope, right?

Peace Out,


Sunday Thoughts: Zelda Breath of the Wild

Nintendo is probably one of my favorite publishers. Zelda, Pokemon and Fire Emblem are among my favorite of thier series. Today, I’m here to talk about Zelda!

Last week at the GDC (Game Developer Confrence), Nintendo released some concept art from the Breath of the Wild, personally, I hope they come back to some of these concepts for some later Zelda games.

Right here we have a more modern style of Link. I would only assume that the concept of an open world was already in place. Modern settings and Open world games seem to go hand-in-hand really well, and I hope that they will revisit this concept later. Even though this is Zelda, I wouldn’t have done this just yet either… especially since Final Fantasy was going that rout, and the fans seemed to be pretty mixed about it.

Although, if you think that modern is ill-fitting for the series, remember that ALttP(A Link to the Past) was to a sci-fi style game, hence the title.

Sci-Fi Bikini Zelda, anyone?

And, speaking of Sci-Fi…

This picture here is a concept called Zelda: Invasion. Pretty cool in concept, I feel like this wouldn’t be a good main game for the newest Zelda game, but more like an expansion pack, kinda like the DLC for Fallout 3:Starship Zeta. I hope we still get to see it later on in BotW’s life cycle.

And now going more into the design work choices… Right here, we have a Link in the style of Wind Waker, which happens to be my favorite Zelda game. I’m still glad that they went with a cartoony style though, I feel like it fits the series better than a gritter, realistic tone.

And right here is Link more to the style of what the game looks lik currently, I really love Miyazaki look to this style right here. I could easily see it mixing with the water color settings of the game.

Anyways, I think that I’m done ranting on about Zelda, I’m also thinking of keeping this Sunday segment, but change the title. Also, I was thinking about keeping the Sunday segments about designs of a game or series, unlike my weekly blog post, which in my mind are more like little reviews of just one game. Let me know what you think!

     Peace out!


Dungeons & Dragons

So, you thought this blog was only about my love of video games, right?


It’s about my love of all things games! I’ve been gaming pretty much as far back as I can remember. My earliest memory that I can recall is when I was three years old and my dad gave me his NES, his buddy at work started to bring in his Sega instead and they would play that. I had DuckTales, Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Later that year I would get Super Mario Bros. 3, but that’s a tale for another time.

Got really off track for a moment… Alright, so Dungeons & Dragons! Right…

I’ve been playing Role-Playing Games (RPGs) since the Super Nintendo Era. My friend gave me Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and then I really dove hard into the fantasy genre pretty hard since then. I had gotten all sorts of books, PC games and movies based around fantasy.

One game that I heard of was a tabletop RPG called Dungeons & Dragons. I never had a chance to play it when I was younger, didn’t have any people in to it, nor where there any game stores near my house, unlike the area now. Nah, I did spend a lot of time in the arcade though. I did play that pretty sweet Dungeons & Dragons beat’em up game, personally, I played anything with Capcom’s logo slapped on it… I still do today as well… 

I really did spend a lot of time in the D&D world without realizing it. I had games like Neverwinter Nights, Baulder’s Gate, Tower of Doom. I read the Icewind Dale Trilogy, and I’m currently re-reading it again. So why am I bringing all that stuff up from the past? Well, I just happen to be running my own campaign for D&D Fifth Edition…

5th Edition Player’s Handbook, just filled with RPG goodness, and the main rules…

I’m DMing this campaign as well.DMing, or Dungeon Mastering, is like being the main storyteller of the group. When you run a campaign, it’s a lot like building something on Mario Maker or RPG Maker and letting your friends run wild with it. When you DM, you have the rules of the game to follow, but, you just have to think of them more as guidelines. To me, that was a big drawing point to the game, the creativity, the freeedom to build a world as I see fit, or use one of their own worlds. You could take that world and change it too, as you see fit. 

That’s been something that was rather intimidating to me when I first started to learn the game, it can be overwhelming at time. Luckily, I have several D&D veterans with me, though they are new to 5th Edition, it’s been comforting to have them there. I haven’t had the chance to play it some more, but when I get a few weeks in, I’ll be sure to tell a bit more on the thoughts of 5th. In the meantime…

     Peace out,


Dragon Ball Fusions

Recently, I have been getting back into the Dragon Ball series pretty hard. I love that series! It’s got what I love! That just happens to be a bunch of over-the-top fights, crazy super powers, crazy laser beams and dude getting sent through walls.

So… back in November, Namco Bandai released this Dragon Ball game on the 3DS. Normally, that would be video game suicide… I’m not really sure of how many sold, but I can figure that since it was released a week after Pokemon Sun & Moon…

Five-Way Fusion!

It has a simple story of you and a friend want to fight really strong people. So you gather the dragon balls and wish for just that. Now, you are stuck in a world where you are gathering up a team of five to take on a championship of some sorts. The game is kinda like DBZxPokemon. There is a damage triangle and battles are played out in an arena. It also features a Grandia-style timeline system as well. Strong attacks and throwing your opponents out of the arena will cause them to be pushed back in the timeline, the latter will send them back to the beginning of the line.

Gender of the fusion is decided by who starts it

Early in the game, you run into the Ginyu Force who teaches you how to perform a Fve-Way Fusion, and it’s really handy!

The downside of this game so far is the length of battles, which can drag on for 3-5 minutes, BUT!, there are no ranom encounters, so you can pick and choose your battles. Well, the upsides from the battles is the fact that you can gain several levels from only one fight.

Anywho… I’m not fully done just yet, so when I get finish it I will post a full review!

Peach Out,